Alexis and name change

While I had the measuring stuff out I took a sample of Alexis, which is still super cloudy.
Grav: 1.004
Alc: 13%
Looks like that's going to be a pretty dry one - something I'm not so thrilled about. High alc and dry - okay. Low alc and sweet - okay. Low alc and dry? Not so happy with that.
So I just added in about 270 gr flower honey I had sitting about, bringing the new gravity to 1.020.
As far as I know, this could go two ways:
  • If there's still live yeast, it will eat the new honey and make more alcohol
  • if there's no viable yeast left, the mead will be sweeter
Either of those outcomes would be okay by me, so I guess I'll just take new measurements after my holiday and see how it went.

In other news, I finally remembered the name I had originally picked for the F batch and couldn't remember when I was making it. F batch is called Forlindon Fennah

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