Vuvalini, All Rise Up

Bochet with chai tea
SG 1022
alc 16%

Oh, this is INTERESTING. Kind of dark and spicy but not spices-spicy. Not sure if this is very accessible for novice mead drinkers (it's meant to be the one I take with me to Wasteland to share) but I am very happy with it

All Rise Up
Bochet with Quince
The 3 liter overflow batch: 0.995 & 13% alcohol - watered this one down a bit too much. The quince is VERY clear, but this is too dry for me. Added some honey and yeast stop.

The 10l batch: SG 1018 / 15%
This is great, very fruity and gentle. Very pleased with it.
Racked into two demis and added yeast stop