Stirred the one that had a thick layer of honey on the bottom (why did I think that would dissolve?). Added yeast-stop

I Painstakingly Cleaned All These Bloody Bottles And Now The Mead Isn't Ready To Bottle, A Homebrewers Lament

1004 - 15%
Doesn't seem to be anything appley about this apart from the acidity. Makes me wonder what making a batch of all-juice (no or v. little water) would do.
+ 500 gr honey. + yeast stop

~1020 (hard to tell with the fizz) and 17%
Little bit fizzy. Not super sweet, but palatable
 + yeast stop + 10cc oak extract + bentonite

I'm bummed out because I thought I would bottle and then start new batches (the new yeast arrived) but things just weren't ready to come out of the demi. I want to try something with orange juice. Maybe when I've got some cash to spare I'll get some more 2L vessels. I do enjoy the 2L batches for their speed.

Tuve (2L batch)
900gr pine honey
Port yeast
small amount of yeast starter

Pine honey is dark and spicey, so I'm super curious about how that will turn out.



By now I've had it so long (since 08/2009) that I can't accept it's been a waste of honey, time and space. I swear in 10 years I will still be racking this once a year and thinking 'one more year, then I'll drain it'.

Anyway, I don't know why this didn't occur to me before, but given the SG of 1000, it couldn't possibly taste good - I just don't like dry meads. Before I didn't want to risk wasting honey by sweetening something I worried might just be off, but it is starting to smell better, so maybe there's hope. I added 500 gr honey and will look at it again.. well, probably next year.


Shattered Spankerboom
This looked done, but started fizzing like crazy when I moved it. Racking was a pain
~16% alcohol (hard to say with that fizz)
Very acidic. Added 250gr rosemary honey.

Quite Windy
1002 - REALLY weirded out by this. My notes say it had the same honey:water proportions as Rock and Roll, which fermented out at 1020!
Very dry and acidic. Added 80gr of pine honey and ~150gr plain forest honey.

long awaited update

So it's almost a year since I even touched my brewings. I moved over summer and I could just never motivate myself to scrape all the tools from their various places in the shed.

Bottled two things:

1070 and 19%
Syrupy sweet and heavy. I added a little oak extract to give it something interesting.

Rock and Roll
1020 and 17%
Initially confused by the taste, but it's spiced mead. Sweet ish but not nearly as syrupy
This is 11 months old and was never racked, so there was a thick layer of sludge. Not my most strategic move ever, because that made it a pain to bottle nicely.
Got 6 good bottles and a bottle of sludge I added bentonite to in the hope I might rack off some good stuff later.

New Things!

SG 1012 / 15% alc
Completely clear, but slightly fizzy on agitation, so racked instead of bottled.
This is apple mead. I can taste it a little, but not as much as I'd like. Apparently a litre of apple juice is not enough on a 5l batch.

SG: 1022 / 15%
Still murky, tastes unfinished. Have added a vanilla stick

SG 1070 / 18%
Really heavy, overly sweet. Can't really taste the rosehip. Might need some apple acid to freshen it up a bit. I also have oak extract that might make it interesting.

Waterlock dried out. Smelled off, gone down the drain

And in honour of my crazy sailing adventure, 3 new batches:

Quite Windy (2l batch)
750gr honey
Slightly old aromatic yeast
nutrient mix

Rock And Roll (2l batch)
750gr honey
2 cloves
half a cinnamon stick
Slightly old aromatic yeast
nutrient mix

Shattered Spankerboom (5l)
1500 gr honey
Slightly old aromatic yeast
nutrient mix


Got home after 4 months at sea and Parlan's airlock had dried up. Stupid. So that batch is probably done for. I will get around to actually testing it this week, I hope.

Ehle is still.. I am beginning to accept that batch is just a bust. 

Oriel and Parlan - more mini batches

I really like how the 2 litre batches turned out, and how fast they did so, so I made two more.

600ml honey from the beekeepers in Eindhoven, kindly donated by friends who have too much of it :-)
200 ml rosehip syrup
somewhat old Aromatic yeast
nutrient mix

Parlan (I think)
1000 gr forest honey (Lidl) (that was an oops, forgot I used 750 gr last time!)
somewhat old Aromatic yeast
nutrient mix

I also added the same yeast/nutrient mix to Lisidh, since that one is resolutely Not Touching the new added honey.

Tasty list

Due to unforeseen travel plans this winter, I have decided to give mead as gifts. For that I need a little list of which batches I think are good enough to give away.Bold is what I'm happy to serve to somebody else.

Alexis plain: nice sack mead
Alexis with strawberry syrup: haven't tried yet
Brynn: need to taste this
Caelan: carbonated, bit dry. Nice
Drake: need to taste this
Ehle: still in demijohn
Fennah: spicy heavy/sweet mead [ran out!]
Gwyllion: elderberry port. Suppose I could pull open a bottle and see how this has turned out
Halle: Quince mead - very nice! [ran out!]
Imre: sourish fresh apple wine. Not sure about this as a gift.Maybe as a second bottle of 'hey, try this' and not as the main gift.
Jove: still in demi
Keir: recently bottled
Lisidh: still in demi
Merryn: heavy, sweet, not as spicy as I had expected. Very nice.
Nuggan: heavy, sweet, very nice

finally an update

Okay, so this was long overdue. I haven't been in the mood to mess with brewing and thankfully it doesn't really hurt any to just leave it for a while. Today I got around to it though.

Jove (apple mead)
SG 1000, 14% alcohol
Very dry. Racked and added 300 gr honey

Keir (raspberry mead)
SG 1004, 16.5% alcohol
Not sure how thrilled I am with this, but I bottled it. It was a little fizzy, and I'm beginning to wonder if that's just what certain types of fruit do? Back when with Caelan (blueberry) and Drake (strawberry) the fizz never quite went away. (Keir is raspberry). I bottled into champagne bottles. See how that turns out.

Lisidh (sack mead)
SG 1002, 8.5% alcohol
Fed this 500gr honey. I'm not sure if there are still yeasties around to eat it though. That's one disadvantage to taking a year-long break..

Nuggan (2l batch, sack mead)
SG 1026, 18% alcohol
Small batches go faster - this one proves it. SUPER nice heavy sack mead, and it's only half a year old. Which is awesome. Shame that the 2l vessels are an absolute pain to work with (my siphon doesn't fit) and then you only have 2 litre of the very nice stuff. Bottled this.

Merryn (2l batch, oranges/cinnamon/clove/allspice)
SG 1030, 19%
The only reason this isn't rocket fuel is because it's so heavy. Haven't done a proper tasting, but it seemed promising. Bottled it.

Ehle (cacao mead)
SG 1000, don't think I tested alc vol.
Last time I touched this is a full year ago. (Ehle was started in august '09) I think it might be slightly more palatable, but not exactly drinkable. Still keeping this stuff around in the vague hope it'll turn drinkable at some point. Maybe the 4th year will be the charm?


I took a few bottles to the Queen's Day barbeque for my guinea pigs friends to try.

Alexis (plain): I did a few bottles of A in champagne bottles with added strawberry syrup, but this was a plain bottle. Very pleasant sack mead. I'm curious about the other bottles now!

Halle: Quince mead. Very pleasant surprise because this completely regained its quince scent and flavour. Turned out lovely.

Imre: apple wine (not mead). I never had a preconception of what apple wine would or should be like, so this was interesting all along the way. It had lost the Apfelkorn flavour and you could really smell and taste the demerera sugar. Quite fresh/sour but not in an unpleasant way. I'm the least sure about this one, though I still drank a few glasses of it and so did a few other people, so it's certainly not bad.

Speedy Meady

I was inspired by this site to try some super fast mead - hey, everything here takes so long, it looked interesting. Got two 2-litre demijohns. Sadly they are green glass so it doesn't look as nice. And the openings are too small for my siphon, so racking will be a pain. We'll see.

750 gr forest honey
1 juice orange, juice and segments (no skin at all)
Small stick of cinnamon
1/4th teaspoon allspice
1/4th teaspoon ground clove
1/3 teaspoon nutrient mix
1/3 teaspoon Aromatic yeast

750 gr forest honey
1/3 teaspoon nutrient mix
1/3 teaspoon Aromatic yeast


pale yellow and cloudy, typical plain mead still in active progress, though the primary fermentation is mostly done. Has almost completely stopped bubbling the waterlock (maybe once a week, maybe less), but still quite fizzy when racked - too fizzy to get an accurate SG measuring.
Somewhere between 1018 and 1032 SG is the best I can say. About 14% alcohol.
This one might be headed for champagne bottles. I can't figure out why some meads stop bubbling and go still, and others stop bubbling and stay fizzy.

Has completely fallen clear and is a beautiful raspberry red. Smells good, a sourish sort of fresh. Less than a bubble a week now, and only very slightly fizzy.
SG 1020, alcohol 15.5%

Dark cloudy yellow. Bubbles a couple of times a day. Very fizzy, SG approx 1018, alcohol impossible to measure at this point.

More tasting

My parents had been clamouring for a taste, and I gave them a bottle of Caelan. Turns out they opened it at a dinner with their neighbours. Apparently it was a big hit :-)