I took a few bottles to the Queen's Day barbeque for my guinea pigs friends to try.

Alexis (plain): I did a few bottles of A in champagne bottles with added strawberry syrup, but this was a plain bottle. Very pleasant sack mead. I'm curious about the other bottles now!

Halle: Quince mead. Very pleasant surprise because this completely regained its quince scent and flavour. Turned out lovely.

Imre: apple wine (not mead). I never had a preconception of what apple wine would or should be like, so this was interesting all along the way. It had lost the Apfelkorn flavour and you could really smell and taste the demerera sugar. Quite fresh/sour but not in an unpleasant way. I'm the least sure about this one, though I still drank a few glasses of it and so did a few other people, so it's certainly not bad.