Mead Sales post

I have some ambitious holiday plans for next year, and also a lot of bottles of mead while I barely drink alcohol myself. So. Want mead? I've got mead!

This is a list of things I have tasted and consider to be very tasty. This list might get updated when I've had a chance to taste some batches that have been in storage.

Unless marked differently, these are the prices:
0.25L bottles are €6.50
0.7 L bottles are €15,
1L bottles are €20

Ehle vanilla chocolate - semi sweet, with a subtle cacao and vanille flavour. 6 years old! 17%
0.25 x
0.7  x
1L   x

Ehle chocolate - sweet, with a subtle, delicious cacao flavour. 6 years old! 18%
0.25 x  (€7.50)

Gwyllion - semi-sweet elderberry port. 19.5% vol
0.7  xx

Jove - Sweet apple mead. 18%
0.2  x
0.7  x
1L   xx

Keir - dry raspberry mead. Lightly sparkling 16% vol
0.7  x

Lisidh - Vanilla mead. Semisweet, 17% vol
0.25 x
0.7  x
1L   xxx

Shattered Spankerboom - semi-dry sparkling mead - 16% vol
0.7 xxxx

Tuve - Pine honey mead. Heavy and almost syrupy sweet and a little spicy, 19% - this is much more of an after dinner liquor than a wine!
0.25 x x x  ( €7.50)

Zephyr (The west wind)

- 2.5 liter quince juice
- 1500 gr flower honey
- Water to fill up the 5 liter demijohn
- mead yeast

Racking time

I'm not a lazy brewer, I just like slow mead. 
No, I'm totally lazy. I feel like doing brewing stuff only a couple times a year, because making space in my oddly laid-out house and sanitising everything is such a giant pain. So my meads spend up to half a year in primary, and then in secondary pretty much until I feel motivated to go through the process of collecting and cleaning labels off of enough bottles. 

But this past week somebody gave me 5 kg of quince, and I remember how nicely the Halle batch of quince mead turned out. So I borrowed a steam extractor and chopped fruit and... got a lot of quince juice. Like... a LOT. 8 liter in total. 

Halle was made with 1.5 liter juice, though I expect a lot of this juice will be weaker than that was. So maybe I'll just up the juice ration in the new batch. I need to think about doing some more medium-dry meads, since I'm not brewing for my own tastes - I hardly drink it.

But first I racked the batches I had standing: 

Wuluwaid  - a 2 liter 'heavy' 
Eucalyptus honey and you can taste it, heavy sweet syrupy but with enough depth from the Eucalyptus.
SG 1060
18% - bang on what I expect from my 2 liter batches of heavies.
Added yeast stop and a few drops of oak extract

The Thyme honey one. As expected super dry. Taste note: 'Not bad just dry' (which is saying something coming from me, I don't like dry meads) but in need of a bit of sweet.

SG 1004
15% alcohol
Added yeast stop and 450 gr thyme honey. Still considering some thyme leaves.

Blueberry mead. 
Taste note: A little jetfueley but not bad, sweet enough, just needs to age
SG: 1022
18% alcohol (whoa, did not expect that) 

Added yeast stop

Sage honey mead. Much like Undine - you can smell and taste the sage (mmm spicey) but it's too dry. 
SG: 1002
14% alcohol
Added yeast stop and 450 gr sage honey

Orange mead. I'd never tried this so my taste note is 'Not sure if like?' then I saw the alcohol percentage and understood why it was hard to tell.
I was concerned about it not clearing but it's cleared beautifully. Pecto enzym magic. Of course, I lost a liter of volume from all the pulp. Ah well. 
SG: 1020 (happy!)
21% ¿¡!? alcohol. Whoa. 

Added yeast stop, a small piece of cinnamon and a single clove.