pale yellow and cloudy, typical plain mead still in active progress, though the primary fermentation is mostly done. Has almost completely stopped bubbling the waterlock (maybe once a week, maybe less), but still quite fizzy when racked - too fizzy to get an accurate SG measuring.
Somewhere between 1018 and 1032 SG is the best I can say. About 14% alcohol.
This one might be headed for champagne bottles. I can't figure out why some meads stop bubbling and go still, and others stop bubbling and stay fizzy.

Has completely fallen clear and is a beautiful raspberry red. Smells good, a sourish sort of fresh. Less than a bubble a week now, and only very slightly fizzy.
SG 1020, alcohol 15.5%

Dark cloudy yellow. Bubbles a couple of times a day. Very fizzy, SG approx 1018, alcohol impossible to measure at this point.