So about a year ago, I made this. It was intended for my graduation party, which probably isn't going to happen (I'm graduating, just not in the position to have much of a party). I opened it a few weeks ago for a games/Eurovision weekend with friends. Filtered out the fruit. I had the cherry and strawberry I made in that post, and peach and raspberry that I made a few weeks after that.

Some of them work neat, some of them are mixers. Strawberry is nice if a bit syrupy sweet. Raspberry is nice if a bit overly tart. Mixed, they are delicious. Peach isn't very nice neat (tastes like the syrup in canned peaches, but alcoholic) but I'm told it tastes fab with bitter lemon or tonic water. I don't much like alcoholic cherry flavours but my mother loves the cherry variety. It also tastes like it could be good in chocolate fondue. Actually, they all do..

I made a new version yesterday - apple. I cut up two Granny Smith apples and a lime (just the flesh), added 60gr sugar, a few slivers of lime peel, and filled up with vodka. I'm hoping for a mild apple sour effect. Let you know how it turns out.. in 6 months or so :-)