1 l fresh (bottled) orange juice
2 l flower honey
1 tsp pecto enzym
1 tsp mead yeast

The plan is to add cinnamon, clove, vanilla etc to this in secondary fermentation
900 gr thyme honey
450 gr flower honey
Mead yeast

I need to cycle to the beekeeper sometime soon and buy maybe another 900 gr thyme honey - it's pricy but if I'm going to brew with it we should be tasting it. I'm also considering brewing thyme tea and introducing some of that. Or maybe just some thyme leaves?

900gr Sage honey
450 gr forest honey
mead yeast

Same thing with the added honey. Adding 450 gr is not enough - 1800 gr honey is too dry for me on a 5 liter batch. Not sure about adding sage leaves. Raw sage doesn't smell very good to me, so I think I'll leave that and just get some more of the honey

Wuluwaid (2 L) -  Australian rainmaker
900 gr Eucalyptus honey
mead yeast


Quite Windy (needs some time)
sg 1040 
Alcohol 15%

Tuve (yum)

sg 1044 
Alcohol 19%

Lisidh (Eh)
sg 1022 
Alcohol 16%

Shattered Spankerboom   (Don't open before 2016)
sg 1012 
Alcohol 16%
This does NOT want to calm down. Added yeast stopper last year, but the moment I racked it it was fizz city. Also pretty dry and sourish sadly.  Added a small amount of sage honey and bottled in champagne bottles. Should probably leave it at least a year and hope the sour note ages out. 

Jove Apple (Nice)

SG 1040
Alcohol 18%

Ehle Chocolate Vanilla (Nice. Could do with some time)

SG 1024
Alcohol 17%

Ehle Chocolate (Yum yum yum)

SG 1032
Alcohol 18%

And a surprise of the happy accident kind:

Bob Ross 
I made a 200ml bottle of honey syrup at some stage to mix honey into something. Forgot about it and it started to ferment. Needed the bottle and was about to chuck it when I smelled it and - well I would have been happy to smell that from a demijohn. Wild yeast though! It tastes like honey syrup with a very sharp kick.
SG 1170 (!!)
Alcohol 17% 
Put it in a different bottle and added a very small amount of port yeast. Let's see where this goes :-)