So, Alexis definitely stalled because the yeasties were out of food, because it's started up again. No bubbles in the airlock, but definitely movement. It also looks like it's wanting to start clearing (very very slightly) so that's good. I think I'll rack it off the sediment before I go on holiday. There's a thick layer now and it's been on there for a while.

Ehle slowed down dramatically almost overnight. I wonder if I did that (I sloshed the demi gently to clear some of the foam remnants off the waterline) or if it would have happened anyway?
The recipe says to strain it once and then just put it away. I have no idea if I can strain out the cacao (I doubt it) but I think I will try before I leave. It'll give me the chance to take new readings as well, I'm pretty curious what's happened to it so far :-)

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