New Things!

SG 1012 / 15% alc
Completely clear, but slightly fizzy on agitation, so racked instead of bottled.
This is apple mead. I can taste it a little, but not as much as I'd like. Apparently a litre of apple juice is not enough on a 5l batch.

SG: 1022 / 15%
Still murky, tastes unfinished. Have added a vanilla stick

SG 1070 / 18%
Really heavy, overly sweet. Can't really taste the rosehip. Might need some apple acid to freshen it up a bit. I also have oak extract that might make it interesting.

Waterlock dried out. Smelled off, gone down the drain

And in honour of my crazy sailing adventure, 3 new batches:

Quite Windy (2l batch)
750gr honey
Slightly old aromatic yeast
nutrient mix

Rock And Roll (2l batch)
750gr honey
2 cloves
half a cinnamon stick
Slightly old aromatic yeast
nutrient mix

Shattered Spankerboom (5l)
1500 gr honey
Slightly old aromatic yeast
nutrient mix


Got home after 4 months at sea and Parlan's airlock had dried up. Stupid. So that batch is probably done for. I will get around to actually testing it this week, I hope.

Ehle is still.. I am beginning to accept that batch is just a bust.