Bottling day!

So I should have done this about 8 months ago but who cares, it's finally done:

Heavy, syrupy sweet but with enough green/spiciness to make it interesting. In hindsight just a touch of acid might have lifted it a little.
SG 1060, alcohol 18%

Bob Ross (The Happy Accident)
Wild yeast, so you never know what you're gonna get. This was originally a honey syrup so should have ended up somewhere like Wuluwaid (I thought) but instead it's dry, still very sweet and weirdly 'thin'. Almost like the sweetness you get from stevia, sweetness without body, as it were. Weird stuff.
SG 1002 (??) and alcohol 17%

Not as blueberry-tasting as I'd hoped, but very drinkable
SG: 1020, alcohol 18%

Thyme honey mead. This is delicious and there's a distinct thyme profile that adds but doesn't overwhelm. Sweetness is exactly right; the sweetness level people expect from mead without being syrupy.
SG 1030, alcohol 16%

Sage honey mead. Sweetness adjustment worked. This is very flavourful and the sage honey brings an interesting but not overwhelming profile to it.
SG 1030, alcohol 17%

Orange & spice mead. A little underwhelmed with the spice at first taste, but it's mainly just hard to taste because the alcohol percentage is so high. It tastes very hot. Hopefully it'll mellow out some. 
SG 1015, alcohol 20%

Zephyr - racked
Quince mead. It's been sitting on its sediment for ages and you can taste it, but that will age out. Pretty happy with the sweetness level. 
SG 1015, alcohol 17%