I Painstakingly Cleaned All These Bloody Bottles And Now The Mead Isn't Ready To Bottle, A Homebrewers Lament

1004 - 15%
Doesn't seem to be anything appley about this apart from the acidity. Makes me wonder what making a batch of all-juice (no or v. little water) would do.
+ 500 gr honey. + yeast stop

~1020 (hard to tell with the fizz) and 17%
Little bit fizzy. Not super sweet, but palatable
 + yeast stop + 10cc oak extract + bentonite

I'm bummed out because I thought I would bottle and then start new batches (the new yeast arrived) but things just weren't ready to come out of the demi. I want to try something with orange juice. Maybe when I've got some cash to spare I'll get some more 2L vessels. I do enjoy the 2L batches for their speed.

Tuve (2L batch)
900gr pine honey
Port yeast
small amount of yeast starter

Pine honey is dark and spicey, so I'm super curious about how that will turn out.

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