Final 3

Wow! This actually tastes pretty good. I think I would bring this to a party without worry people were going to spit it out. Yay!
SG 1012
alc 16.5%

Rocket fuel! Interestingly it smells less wine-like than it used to, but I can detect the elderberry scent now. I'm not sure about the taste. It's not bad, it's not good - it's not really anything.
Have bottled it, because what the hell.
SG 1006
alc 19.5% (!)

The seperate litre bottle I used as overflow when I started messing around with it actually tastes better - less thin, which makes sense since I didn't add water there. I think that one also didn't get the second go-over with port yeast.
Didn't get an SG for that one but alc is 17%.

Racked into two 5l demijohns. With the clear glass it's easier to see what's going on, and they are much easier to handle than the 10l ones. It smells okay - I think I can detect the cacao scent now and I couldn't before. But the taste is EWWW. It's very sour. I have no idea if that means it's spoiled though - I despaired about most of the other batches at times and some of them are beginning to turn out okay. I might be cultivating 10 litres of spoilt honey and cacao, but it can just stay in the windowsill for another year. We'll see. I might add more honey:

SG 1000
Alc 17%

So now I have four empty demis standing around. I'm vaguely contemplating starting something new..

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