Long overdue!

It's weird, this is (obviously) the A batch and it was still bubbling, all be it veeery slowly . I got leery about bottling things that weren't completely quiet, so I just kept this one on the shelf all this time, long after later batches were in the bottle. Interestingly enough this is the only batch that I heated, way back when - after this one I switched to a cold process. Coincidence?
In any event I wasn't unhappy with the taste now - it smells really good, taste doesn't quite live up to it. I'd give it a 6 now - drinkable but not moorish.
Since I had champagne bottles anyway, I decided to mess with it some more and add about 25ml of strawberry syrup (sugar+strawberries set in the fridge for a couple of days, then strained) to each of the 4 bottles. I probably shouldn't leave these for too long before I drink...
SG 1012
Alc 17%

Halle (quince mead)
This had cleared beautifully and has been quiet for months.
Smells good, taste interesting, sweet but a bit sourish. Maybe it'll improve on the bottle..

SG 1020
alc 16%

Imre (apple wine)
Last time I tried this I was disappointed because it was ciderish, and I think I messed with it. Still kind of sour but definitely not ciderish now - in fact it's much closer to Apfelkorn!
SG 1014
alc 16%

I intend to continue tomorrow to bottle Fennah, make a chuck-or-bottle decision about Gwy, and I think Ehle needs another racking.


  1. I was hoping to make a quince mead but have nothing but the quince to get going? Would you be willing to share your "recipe" with me?


  2. Hiya Katie, not sure if you'll see this, but you can find how I started the quince mead here: