Bottlings and measurments

Alexis: very dry. Starting to fall clear (though unfortunately I stirred up some of the sediment in racking).
SG: 1000
Alc 15%

Brynn: smells great, tastes nice - I have hopes for this one. bottled at
SG: 1020
Alc 14.5%

Fennah: has been completely still - topped out due to max alc reached, but is not falling clear. I watered it down slightly in the hope this might encourage the yeasties to have another go. Racked.
SG: 1032 diluted to about 1030
Alc 16% diluted to about 14.5%

Gwyllion: this smells and tastes pretty good! It's too sweet though, even for port. Must have miscalculated the sugar. Watered down slightly + small amount of yeast activator in the hope that the yeasties will eat a few points of the sugar. With that oversweet edge off I think this could be great.
SG: 1042
Alc: 16%

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  1. Watering is often a mistake. In addition to introducing new issues of sterility and oxidation, watering cuts the balances of sugars and minerals in an unbalanced way; you'll end up with a drink that simultaneously tastes too sweet and too thin.

    A better solution is blending. If you have a mead that's too sweet and heavy and one that's too dry and flavorless, find a ratio that works for them and then mix them together. It might even be worth having a batch of low-gravity, plain-honey, no-frills dry mead to hand at all times just to blend down over-sweet mead.