Houston, We Have Liftoff

Maybe it's partially the temperature, but both Ehle and Forlindon are going like bats out of hell.

Ehle: 1 bubble ever 1.5 seconds or thereabouts
I just added a bit more cacao, as I didn't use all that much to begin with and probably lost some in the Accident. And I used a dropper to drop water down the inside of the neck, clearing the residue of mouse away so I can see through the top of the bottle... making it easier to see if another Accident is imminent.
Forlindon Fennah: 1 bubble every 3 seconds
Brynn: 1 bubble every 30 seconds or thereabouts. It's getting pretty clear now, but as long as there's bubbling, I'll wait. I'm very curious about the readings though!
Alexis: no bubbling in the lock, but still very cloudy, and still slight fizzing going on.

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