Patience, Padawan

Alexis did indeed start bubbling overnight, and has been happily glupping away ever since at about 5 seconds per bubble. It simply took until the morning for the yeast to recover from the shock, groggily ask "Where am I? What happened?" and start feasting on the sugar.

Patience is not my strongest point. I think it'll be the hardest part of mead brewing for me. It'll take around 2 months (give or take) until fermentation is finished and I can taste it for the first time; and more likely than not, it'll not be very nice then and will need further aging in the bottle to become tasty.
My usual style with doing anything new is to do a test, see how it turns out, then base further attempts on what I learned. But mead takes so long that that isn't really practical. So I am going to start a few more batches with different honeys, and just have to hope it doesn't come out as battery acid!

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