I started my first batch of mead today, and it's called Alexis. *
I had real trouble getting the yeast starter to get going and it never did so convincingly. Consequently after I've added it to the protomead and put it in a demijohn, it's unenthusiastic to say the least. As I write this I've had it standing for at least 5 hours (warm side of room temp and dark) and it's not bubbled once. There's not even a head on it apart from some leftover foam from funnelling it in. I hope it'll start overnight.

*) Why Alexis and not 1 or A?

1) "Yeast is a beast". So as far as I'm concerned, a batch is a living creature.
2) I need a way to refer to individual batches
3) I think numbers are boring
4) I just felt like it
5) there is no 5

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