June - Chocolate mead!

I remembered how nice Ehle (eventually) turned out and figured I should make a new batch so I'd have new chocolate mead in oh, 5 years or so. Adding the cacao right at the start made a huge mess last time (bubbles not popping but making a gross yeasty chocolate mousse that came right up through the airlock) so this time the plan is to let the primary fermentation slow down and only then add the cacao.

It's a 10 liter batch so the must is in a bucket right now and I can get the first sediment from the caramellisation out when I transfer to the demijohn and add the cacao.

  • 4 kilo lidl  honey - caramellised medium dark
  • 5 gr mead yeast
  • teaspoon of energiser
To be added:
  • 200 gram Dutch cacao

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