finally an update

Okay, so this was long overdue. I haven't been in the mood to mess with brewing and thankfully it doesn't really hurt any to just leave it for a while. Today I got around to it though.

Jove (apple mead)
SG 1000, 14% alcohol
Very dry. Racked and added 300 gr honey

Keir (raspberry mead)
SG 1004, 16.5% alcohol
Not sure how thrilled I am with this, but I bottled it. It was a little fizzy, and I'm beginning to wonder if that's just what certain types of fruit do? Back when with Caelan (blueberry) and Drake (strawberry) the fizz never quite went away. (Keir is raspberry). I bottled into champagne bottles. See how that turns out.

Lisidh (sack mead)
SG 1002, 8.5% alcohol
Fed this 500gr honey. I'm not sure if there are still yeasties around to eat it though. That's one disadvantage to taking a year-long break..

Nuggan (2l batch, sack mead)
SG 1026, 18% alcohol
Small batches go faster - this one proves it. SUPER nice heavy sack mead, and it's only half a year old. Which is awesome. Shame that the 2l vessels are an absolute pain to work with (my siphon doesn't fit) and then you only have 2 litre of the very nice stuff. Bottled this.

Merryn (2l batch, oranges/cinnamon/clove/allspice)
SG 1030, 19%
The only reason this isn't rocket fuel is because it's so heavy. Haven't done a proper tasting, but it seemed promising. Bottled it.

Ehle (cacao mead)
SG 1000, don't think I tested alc vol.
Last time I touched this is a full year ago. (Ehle was started in august '09) I think it might be slightly more palatable, but not exactly drinkable. Still keeping this stuff around in the vague hope it'll turn drinkable at some point. Maybe the 4th year will be the charm?

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  1. Shared a bottle of Merryn with Tamara. Yum. Not as spicy as I had expected but damn nice. I may have to do some more with the 2l demis if this is what I get