Two warm weeks

Have come back from my sailing voyage. Lots of fun. Don't know how, but ended up chatting about homebrewing with the bosun at some point, and got a request to bring some mead along next time aboard. If it turns out nice, I definitely will. Going to have to be fairly confident about its deliciousness for that to happen though!

It's been two warm weeks since the last readings, so I figured there'd be change, and there was.

Alexis: Still fizzy when I draw it into the syringe. Needs more time, clearly.
Grav 1018
Alc. 14%

Brynn: Sat on the vanilla pod for 2 weeks. Racked it off. Added stabiliser. If I'm happy with it by the end of the week, I will sweeten it up, and bottle it.
Grav: 1008 (too dry for me)
Alc: 13% (I'm SO confus - I wrote down 14% last time. Did something change (vanilla?) or did I look wrong last time? Weird.)

Fennah: Still very cloudy, but bubbling is at more than 60 sec now. Very sweet, and given the alcohol percentage that's unlikely to ferment out. Hmm. I can't believe me and my sweet tooth could actually consider something too sweet, but it is.
Grav: 1040
Alc. 15%
The plan for this one was to add mint leaves, but given the overly sweetness of it, I wonder if something tart might work better. I don't know, lemon or orange peel? Will have to think about this a bit.

Ehle: I think I'll leave it to age like this and sweeten it before bottling.
Grav. 1002
Alc. 13%

They all still taste pretty yeasty, even Brynn which really shouldn't have any yeast left in there. I'm going to hope that ages out.

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