Pet yeast colonies and housetraining

I name my mead batches and have joked that they are like pets, but this was still a bit of a shock this morning...

Ehle did a lot more foaming than the recipe suggested it would, and cacao turned foam into mousse.. it spat out a good amount of yeasty chocolate mousse overnight. Ewww.

Took quite a bit of cleanup, and now to get the smell out of my room... I have taken out maybe 100 ml of fluid in the hope of giving it some extra space and not getting a repeat.


  1. oh, what a pity! when i saw that phot, i was convinced it was CHOKLIT...

  2. ...wlokay, now i see it /was/ choklit fater lal. only wasted choklit. more's the pity.

  3. Hey Tamf! Yeah, it is choklit, or rather, pure cacao in honey water. I would have tasted a lick of the spillage but there's also a decent amount of yeast in there doing its thing, so it wasn't as appealing as it might have been :-)