Alexis and Brynn

While I'm updating...

Alexis is nowhere near ready - grav 1.010, Alc 8%. It's still very hazy without a hint of clearing, but also seemed to have all but stopped - no more bubbles and no more fizzing. I decided not to rack as that would have killed it completely, and gave it a very small bit of energiser instead, hoping to give the process a bit of a kick. Looks like this might take a few more weeks.

Brynn it still bubbling at about a bubble every 10 minutes, but very slowly also starting to clear. I am really curious about readings but don't want to disturb the demi right now, so will leave that for a bit.

Taking samples currently requires using the siphon which is a HUGE hassle because I need to move the demi to set it all up. None of the commercial sample-takers fit my demi's, so I'm going to see if I can find something like a 100ml syringe and a bit of tube to make sampling easier.

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